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Taurine for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is having a baby in the womb of a mother or female. Pregnancy is the result of the female egg merging with the male sperm called spermatozoon, in a cycle we call in medical term as fertilization, or more commonly known as “conception”. In pregnancy a woman has different instructions to be followed. It will depend on their obstetricians if they are going to take vitamins or not. There are some questions if the amino acid taurine is good for a pregnant mother.

Taurine is an organic substance that was named after the bull Taurus. It is one of the few sulfonic acids. It is a colorless crystalline substance found in the fluids of the muscles and lungs of human as well as animals. It can also be found in the blood cells and cardio muscles. It is a main ingredient of bile. This substance gives different health benefits.

Perceptions on Taurine

Like some other dietary supplements, there is no clear result on some scientific studies whether taurine is safe or harmful for pregnant women. It is assumed that it is safe for pregnant women because it was produced naturally by the human body. Some pregnant women drink energy drinks and supplement where taurine is present.

A liver and muscle taurine concentration decreases within the duration of the gestation period. In a given extent of pregnancy, there were no connection between these three tissue concentrations and birth weight. A pregnant woman may think that a substance may be more effective during pregnancy but as mentioned there is no concrete evidence on a bad side effect of taurine while pregnant.

Taurine during Breastfeeding

Similar to pregnancy, the amino acid contained by taurine has no proof of being unsafe for breastfeeding. Actually, taurine is an important content of milk in a mom’s breast. If you will notice, some infant formulas such as milk and soft processed food contain taurine. It is because infants do not have that much ability of making taurine on its own because they are not yet fully developed.

Because of the infant formulas where taurine was present, many people were convinced that it will take no side effect on breastfeeding. On the other hand, because taurine is a dietary supplement, a mother’s body should not be producing that much milk. Because of this, a baby may not get enough nutrients from the mother’s womb.

The components of taurine present in infant foods may not be a similar content as to taurine produced by the own body. As of now, taking taurine during the breastfeeding period does not have any proven benefits or side effects even though there are plenty of taurine produced by the human body.

Regardless of the studies that are conducted by different organizations, a pregnant woman should be the first one to be responsible in their pregnancy and breastfeeding. Since there are no concrete evidences on both, the best thing that they can do is to coordinate with their doctor.

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Natural Health – Essential Oil Gift Ideas For Summertime Guests

Next week my family from the West Coast is coming for a visit and I am thrilled.

I always like to have little welcome gifts when people visit me – something practical for them to use while they are here and something they can use at home.

The three kids (all under age 12) are getting personalized bags that I ordered from Lillian Vernon so they can easily schlep their stuff between family homes here in New Jersey.

And for the adults I thought I would make them each a Signature Essential Oils Spritz with their names on the bottle. It will be at tier bedside in my guest rooms, and they can take it with them on their visit to the Jersey Shore – and then home if it lasts that long!

Kristen is a Geranium Gal…….

David is a Man of Valor…

Here is how I’m making these Signature Spritz’s….(I’m calling them “Body Spray’s” so they know they can spray all over their body – and these are great in the summer time!):

* A small mister bottle
* 4 drops of essential oils (Geranium for Kristen)
* 4 oz of distilled water

–Just fill the mister bottle starting with 4 drops of essential oils.
–Add water
–Shake well before use

For David – I think he’ll want to use this as an aftershave so I’ll use some refreshing witch hazel in his spritz:

* 1 tablespoon witch hazel
* 4 drops of essential oils (Valor for David)
* 6 oz. of distilled water

Both of these will go in a pretty cobalt blue spray bottle ordered from Abundant Health.

And of course, when they want to know how to get more – I send them home with a Young Living catalog!!!

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Health Essentials

The absence of any of the Health Essentials I will list can have a detrimental effect on your overall health. Some are more important that others.

What would you say the one thing that is most essential for your health?

If you said good quality food you were wrong. Most of us could survive 30 to 60 days without food. I have watched the progress of a man on a hunger strike who went over 60 days before he died of starvation.

If you said water you are getting closer. Most of us can hang in there for over 4 days without water.

You probably figured it our by now. The most important Nutritional need is Air. Most of us would have a hard time lasting more than 4 minutes without air.

The air we breathe needs to be clean. Our bodies were designed to handle a limited amount of naturally occurring pollutants in a given day. If we are assaulted by more than we were designed to handle our bodies will become overworked and could exhibit adverse symptoms.

If you live where air pollution is common or work in an environment that is polluted you should consider moving or changing jobs. The short term financial benefit to living or working in a polluted environment is not worth the long term health risks.


An individual, suffering from protein poisoning, will be far more sensitive to even normal, natural, pollutants.

Indoor air can be more polluted that the outside air. Many of us need an air purifier to clean the air. I plan to give you more information on this subject later.

There are many diseases that are related to air pollution. There are many more that are aggravated by it.

Smoking is an obvious source of toxic pollutants. A person who has clean lungs will have a violent reaction when smoke is introduced into their lungs. When you smoked your first cigarette (unless you were raised around smokers) your body told you that it did not like what you were doing. After a while it was able to tolerate the smoke. toleration, is no indicator of whether you are being harmed or not.

Temperature Maintenance

We need to maintain our body temperature. It should be obvious that we need to maintain our body temperature. If you have ever spent too much time in cold conditions without adequate clothing you know what can happen if you get too cold.

It can bring on the cleansing symptoms of a fever or a cold. Or if you get too cold it can kill.

On the other hand too much heat can kill as well. When our bodies bring on a fever as a body cleansing measure any interference can kill. Our bodies know how to maintain body temperature. Very few people actually die from a fever. Many die from the heroic measures used to lower a fever.

We need to be very careful what we do to lower a fever. It should be helpful to understand that a fever is a body instituted event designed to speed up the elimination of toxic substances from the body. If your body is not overloaded with toxic substances it is not likely that you will experience a fever.

Pure water

Pure water is an important essential to health.

We need to replace all the water we lose each day with pure water.

Some of the best sources of pure water are raw fruits and vegetables. Distilled water is a good option for many who need a little extra. There are other purifying processes that remove the toxins and inorganic minerals from the water.

If you need more water that you get from raw fruit and vegetables, you need to reject coffee, tea, soda, bear, and all other beverages other that pure water.

Your body uses water to transport nutrients into your body and toxins out.

The water in fruits and vegetables is loaded with good nutrition. The beverages that are available are loaded with toxins that interfere with your body in some way.

If the water you drink is already polluted with toxins, and negative nutrition, your body will have a hard time dumping the toxins, and dead cell debris, it is trying to get rid of.

Most municipal water system have chlorine and fluoride added to the water. Both are toxic. Chlorine kills the friendly bacteria and enzymes in our digestive system so even if you get enough to eat you will be malnourished. Fluoride makes the teeth brittle so they brake easier and it is very toxic.


An adequate supply of living food is needed to promote a high degree of health. If your food supply consists of primarily dead (cooked and processed) foods it will be hard for your body to stay healthy.

We were designed for a specific diet. According to Genesis 1:29, that diet is raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

It has been proven that the enzymes in Living food have a lot to do with our state of health. There are many books on this subject. One I like is “Enzyme Nutrition” by Dr. Edward Howell, available from Hallelujah Acres.


Like the plants we eat, we need Sunlight. One reason I recommend walking outdoors for exercise is that we need sunlight on our skin and eyes to produce vitamin D. No, Cows milk is not a good source of vitamin D. The vitamin D added to cows mild is not the same as the Vitamin D our bodies produce. Pasteurization makes it useless.

It is amazing low little skin surface area, exposed to the sun, will give us all the vitamin D we need. Also our bodies store enough vitamin D to keep us going for several days. So if you are not able to get out every day it is not a problem.


Without exercise we slowly lose our muscle mass and become unable to function. The older we get the faster we lose muscle if we remain inactive. We were designed to be in motion for at least part of every day.

Our people are becoming more and more sedentary. Our lifestyles are a prescription for poor health. There is a lesson devoted to this subject.


The cleaner your body is on the inside the less sleep you need to restore energy. However we all need sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep you will not be able to perform as well, and your health will suffer.

We recharge our nerve energy while we sleep. Also, during sleep we do the bulk of body repair and toxin removal. So, adequate sleep is a must.

The amount of time you need depends on your state of health. If your are clean inside you may be able to get by with 6 hours of quality sleep. If you are toxic inside your may need 10 or more hours per day.

It has been proven that a short nap in the middle of the day can reduce the amount of sleep you need at night.

Assurance of Life and its means

We need to feel safe. We need to be assured that we will have a safe environment to live in. We need to be assured that we will have enough to eat. If we live in fear, even if all other needs are met, we can develop disease.


It has been said that “cleanliness is next to godliness”. Well our bodies dump some of the toxins we need to get rid of through our skin. Regular cleaning of the skin helps the body by removing the food bacteria need to multiply, thus reducing the potential odor you could have. Cleanliness in our environment has been of far more value in the fight against disease than all the drugs ever created.

Creative useful work

A lack of creative, useful, work can lead to all sorts of things that effect our overall health.

Other people

We were created gregarious. That means that we were designed to need interaction with other people. Interaction with animals can be a good substitute. However it is not the same. We need positive, nurturing, relationships.

Emotional Poise

Perhaps our most important non physical need is emotional poise. This is where our spiritual health fits into the picture. It effects all other parts of our life and lifestyle. It is my opinion that it is hard to have a high degree of emotional poise if we don’t have a close relationship with our creator.

We were created for the specific purpose of communing with God and serving our fellow man. When we are out of fellowship with our creator we lack a significant key to exceptional health. If we only serve ourselves we can become very lonely and unfulfilled.

Concluding Thoughts

This course has never been meant to be the final authority in the field of health. It was meant to spark your interest in further study. To give you a springboard to a brighter future. Through our forum, Chatroom and links to other materials we seek to guide you into a state of health you may have never thought possible.

Hallelujah Acres has courses and books to further your knowledge of what it takes to live in a high state of health.

Charles Snyder is a Health Minister who teaches on the subject of health. This is one of the lessons in his health course. He will cover each of these items in more detail in future articles. You can contact him through his web site.

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